Undergo, Suffered

Undergo, Suffered

suffer – To suffer something is, etymologically, to “hold or maintain it from underneath,” from Latin sufferre, “sustain.” ed two strokes and endured brain cancer since I was arrested and imprisoned. That has some optimistic that companies continuing to suffer via the pandemic will get another lifeline to hold on. Many content material advertising strategies and departments endure from an overall siloed structure. Five of my mother’s six siblings undergo from depression or bipolar dysfunction. undergo usually suggests acceptance or passivity rather than braveness or endurance in bearing.

The Democrats suffered a crushing defeat in the final election. If he’s suffering, he certainly reveals no outward signal of it. Add suffered to one of your lists beneath, or create a new one. Be impatient or intolerant towards individuals one regards as foolish or unintelligent. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for day by day word details, quizzes and language news.


Older infants may be extra likely to have moved round to completely different foster homes and thus to have suffered more disruptions than younger infants. As the first step of their mannequin, one hobo factor suffered insertion of one other hobo factor at a goal sequence present in the first element. Unfortunately she suffered complications in a later pregnancy and the sew had to be removed.

Long-term options will come as no comfort to these struggling ache within the short term. The claimant had suffered loss attributable to the wrongdoing of the defendants. abide, settle for, bear, brook, endure, go, stand , stomach, support, sustain, swallow, take, tolerate, face up to. Persistent psychological disturbance was related not so much to non-public loss as to the degree of damage suffered by the neighborhood as an entire. Of 1037 subjects between years, 22.three% suffered from again symptoms on most days. Under that circumstance, each high quality of caregiving and infant growth suffered.


The verb endure means to feel pain or something equally disagreeable. You’d in all probability do something you could to make certain your beloved cat didn’t undergo when she obtained old and sick. I’ve been struggling your insults for years.We hope you never should endure the identical pain. Cash presents a return of just about zero in many developed international locations; government-bond yields may have risen in recent weeks however they’re nonetheless unattractive. Equities have suffered two massive bear markets since 2000 and are wobbling again.

Endure (Expertise Trauma):

Our correspondent found that timekeeping had suffered following the substitution of Class s on these workings. The government suffered one other blow when a report claimed that requirements in education were falling. A man who suffered critical brain harm throughout an operation is suing the hospital. London employers had been suffering from a determined scarcity of faculty-leavers. If you endure pain or an illness, or should you suffer from a ache or sickness, you are badly affected by it. The enterprise suffered a blow, although, when heath inspectors gave it a hammering citing a series of hygiene points.

due to the infidelities with which the individuals usually oppose his hesed, his merciful and fatherly love.

Another area suffering the after-effects of a tropical storm was Nepal. The troubled profession of Well Chief has suffered one more setback. And it was love that had made her so, the love of another who suffered for her. Both her dad and mom have already suffered from most cancers and pals have launched an appeal to raise cash for enormous medical bills. As long as some measurable damage had been suffered the cause of motion would accrue. He had been affected by cancer and is survived by two daughters.

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Without story, though, any Zelda game would endure, even an motion-packed game like Age of Calamity. When you’re working such long hours, it’s inevitable that your marriage will begin to undergo. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. Agricultural manufacturing in Africa might want to increase by 70 % by 2050 to guarantee a sustainable meals provide for a rising number of people.

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